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Places to Visit in Tawau

Tawau Handicraft Market (Pasar Gantung)

Compared to the Tanjung Market, the Handicraft market focuses more on handicrafts, clothes and fabric, the latter two being more popular. Other known names are Tawau Old Central Market or Pasar Gantung (translated as the Hanging Market). A range of pearl jewelleries, souvenirs, batik, clothes for men, women and kids along with other localities can be found here. The hanging part of the market’s name can easily be answered through the display of items hanging in the air in the shops.

Tawau Japanese War Memorial

On your visit to Tawau, be sure to not miss out on the chance to visit the “Tawau Japanese War Memorial”. This war memorial stands in place of a former Japanese cemetery, holding onto corroded wooden tombs which made it difficult to decipher. A joint tombstone was later discussed and decided in August 1976. Within a year, the construction took place with fundings from the Japanese Government, and Nissan Agriculture and Forestry Industry Co.,Ltd donated to the tombstone that sits in the memorial today.

The Confrontation Memorial

The Confrontation Memorial was assembled after the violent outbreak from the Indonesian opposing the Malaysian Union of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. The conflict lasted between 1963-1966 as an undeclared war as the main parties involved were between the East Malaysians and Indonesians at their borders. Since then, Indonesia and Malaysia had came to an understanding and agree to live in peace and harmony with one another. The memorial will not charge visitors cash for their visit.