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Places to Eat in Tawau

Dreamland Coffee House

With a history of over thirty years in operating a restaurant, not only do they have experience in just preparing a meal, but they have also tried innovating it as well. They have made their recipe, Chicken in Coconut-cooking chicken with spicy turmeric inside the coconut, one of the most popular dishes in Tawau. Lunch and dinner sets are available which come with your choice of soup, starter, main course and, finally, coffee or tea. Choices also revolve around Asian dishes, not Western dishes.

Location: 91000 Tawau, Sabah
Opening Hours: 10.00 AM - 11.00 PM (Daily)

Tawau City Club

This restaurant gives off a cosy vibe that attracts people to dine in with them. Their variety of foods and drinks does not disappoint, from salads to fried glass noodles and sup tulang (bone soup), the restaurant serves delicious dishes to customers. They also serve up a village-style black coffee, kopi-o. Alcohol is also served for those who are looking for an alcoholic drink. With a comfortable atmosphere and reasonably priced menu, it helps customers to relax and is a great hangout place with friends with ample parking spaces.

Location: TB 1101, Jalan Abaca, Bandar Tawau, 91000 Tawau, Sabah
Opening Hours:: 10.00 AM - 2.00 AM (Daily)

Good View Seafood Restaurant

Seafood is one of the best in this restaurant, with a range of cooking styles for their seafood dishes. Customers can also request garlic-based, Kung Pao, steamed or even grilled, to get a delicious dish. Seafood choices can be made by looking at the open tanks with guaranteed freshness. There is a wide variety of soup available hence the selections are not limited. While the restaurant is frequently busy, it does not affect the workers to serve customers quickly.

Location: Jalan Chen Fook, Taman Sabindo, 91000 Tawau, Sabah
Opening Hours: 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM (Daily)

Restoran Maju Bistro

The restaurant provides food at reasonable rates as one of the popular spots. A multiracial hangout place, there is always a suitable food for everyone. It serves as a place for football fans to watch their games on a big screen set up. They are also one of the top places to head for biryani. Other than that, they have a variety of menu choice including Malay, Chinese and Indian food.

Location: Jalan Masjid, Bandar Tawau, 91000 Tawau, Sabah
Opening Hours: Open for 24 hours

Truffle Bar and Restaurant

This restaurant has a modern and classy look which is different from the usual eateries around Tawau. Despite that, the actual location is more casual than the first impression. Promoted food are appealing from Bolognese spaghetti to Sweet and Sour Fish Rice. The way they're plating their dishes is also satisfying to see and perfect for an Instagram picture. It would be pleasant to eat here because the portion served is worth the price you are paying. Getting here will take a little while since there's no immediate parking around.

Location: Lot 81-0, ground floor, Kubota Sentral 91000 Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 11.00 AM - 7.00 PM (Daily)