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Sports and Recreation in Tawau

Shan-Shui Golf & Country Club

Shan Shui Golf & Country Club sits about 15 km away from Tawau’s town and is laid out right near a stunning mountain as its backdrop. The golf course present on the Country Club’s land was designed by Nelson & Haworth, who were proud of their creation in Asia. The beautifully designed golf terrains also become natural wildlife habitats for certain special birds, monkeys, and even the resident crocodile. Over the years, the club’s club Hole 15 - The Creek has been published in golf magazines as one of the Best 500 Holes and Top 250 for Par 4s.

Tawau Golf Club

Officiated since the end of Oct 1967, the Tawau Golf Club has grown a lot to get to where it is now, over half a decade later. It has built up its 2 golf courses, whilst having double storey club houses respectively for the course equipped with a modern design. Tawau Golf Club which was officially registered on 25th October 1967 is proud to have grown to what it is today. It has 2 golf courses (Hot Spring 18-holes course and a 9-holes town course) each with a double storey modern design club house.

V. Fit Studio Centre

The studio offers a selection of classes from zumba classes, dance fitness and dance dances. Whether people are looking to just learn dancing, exercise or even both at the same time, there is something that is fitting for everyone. The Fatburn Extreme, Fight Fx, and Game Fit may be the tougher of the classes as they focus on building a strong figure and losing fat seriously, all of which will have an intense regime to go through. Building a strong mind is just as important as a strong body.